The Sterling System

What most traders lack:


Having a profitable system is what most traders’ lack, especially in the beginnings of the trading journey. While learning more complex trading methods and strategies, having a system that is simple and produces good results keeps you going both mentally while keeping capital and therefore allows you to develop your skills with other systems and strategies while being able to have a positive expectancy with the sterling system.

So what is the Sterling System?

The Sterling System is a robust trading system that has passed the test of time. Consistently profitable.

Trading setups are created at the same time each week allowing for a set trading routine, easy planning and execution.


This is a simple but effective strategy.


Simple systems are infinitely better than complex ones.


– Less rules.

– Less subjectivity.

– Easier execution

– Generally more profitable.

– Less emotional involvement

A poll for new traders showed that a staggering 72% do NOT have a profitable trading strategy!

They continually scour the web looking for indicators and strategies that are the holy grail of trading. The problem is most are not rules based. They are subjective in their methods to place and manage trades and take profits. Without rules and pre-planned trading execution, it leaves it open to emotional decisions in the markets which often leads to losses which in turn causes them to continue the search for the hold grail.


We get hundreds of emails each month asking how one can become consistently profitable.

How do we do it?

The answer is, we use highly profitable rules based systems.