Trigger Bars

Have you been looking for an indicator to take the hard work out of knowing when to get in a trade to capture the most amount of PIPs possible?

Take a look at the latest in applied algorithms that combines Price Action and Market Strength and Daily True Range and Potential Reversal Zones to find optimal entry points to capture a large portion of the market swings.

For the Day Traders: Here is a GBP/USD 1 Hour chart.

As you can see the ‘Trigger Bars’ show you where the optimal entry point is, with low drawdown allowing you to use small stops and run for BIG profits!

Take the guess work and analysis paralysis out of every trade. As you can see, you are shown when to get in and when to get out and reverse your position to follow the next market swing.

For the Longer Term Traders: Below is the 4 hour chart for 6 weeks

As you can see the, once again, the ‘Trigger bars’ show where to get in and out of the market.



When trading the higher timeframe charts such as the 4hr or Daily, the swings create much more profit potential anywhere from 50-400+ PIPs!

While trading a higher timeframe you get less signals, but less is more! More quality signals with greater profit potential!

No stress, just place your orders, set and forget! Get notified on your device where ever you are!

This is not just an indicator but a Full Trading System.

While almost all of the signals are profitable, some may not be if you just buy or sell at indication. That’s why we have developed it into full trading system. With a few simple entry rules, we can eliminate the non profitable signal and turn them into profitable trades!

For example: By simply putting an order around 10 pips above and below the ‘Trigger Bars’ we can eliminate almost all false entries. Take the signal where there is both a buy and a sell ‘Trigger Bar’ generated on consecutive candles. The market reversed from the buy signal to a sell signal, so by having the entry above the candle high we never enter into a bad trade! The next candle shows a short entry and placing the order below the low ensures we get in at the right time with low drawdown and in the right direction of the market swing.


No whipsaw trades that give you consecutive losers!

Just winning trades on the right side of the market swing!

Not only that, by putting both a buy and sell order around 10 PIPs above or below, if the market does change direction as in the above example you still get into the trade on the right side of the swing!

The next example happened where a ‘Trigger Bar’ generated a sell signal. This time it was caused by a news event contrary to the upswing / trend that is in progress. Once again, by placing orders above and below the signal bar, a losing trade is avoided and a winning trade is gained for a massive 180 pips profit!


So in just 2 weeks, we have generated over 2360 PIPs! We have avoided 2 bad trades and taken profit on large chunks of the market swings!

This is just on 1 Currency Pair in 5 weeks! Imagine trading 5 or more pairs!

Lets take a look at another pair.

Lets go to the EUR-USD-4HR


Once again, there are a few signals where by using the trading rules, we place buy and sell orders a few PIPs above and below the Trigger Bars

and get filled on the right side of the market swing!


On the 4HR we were able to generate 1200 PIPs in 10 trades just over 5 weeks!


Are you sick of all the annoying market noise that makes it hard to know where price is going? Are you sick of those choppy markets that go against you hit your stop loss? sometimes even as soon as you place the trade?

Trade less, make more!

Now with the ‘Trigger Bars’ indicator you can navigate the markets with ease… avoid getting into losing trades… and know exactly where you should jump in and out of a trade to capture a large portion of the market swing!

 if you can capture 80% of a market swing, you are doing better than 90% of traders! and now you can, with the Trigger Bars indicator.

Just take a look at the results that can be achieved!


I started off a little shaky but reread the rules and followed them to produce nice profits. I love seeing them come through on my phone! The trades I have taken have more than paid for the software – in the first week!!

thanks again!

James P

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